the midnight man

lily and i are staying up to midnight.  she is have in a sleepover at my  house. it hit midnight, normally people at midnight eat. but not us, my dad was in the army he left two years ago. he said he’ll be coming back this year but he never did.  so lily and i were determined to go find him. he had this really awful leader  called tom, there was a rumour that he has superpower. We got up and searched everywhere, we couldn’t find him but we hadn’t looked everywhere. there’s still one spot left. omg he was there! There is a statue in stone The leader must’ve turned him Into Stone

One thought on “the midnight man”

  1. What an interesting story, Myah. I really like the way you lead up to the discovery of the statue and how this links back to something you have told us earlier in the story, about your dad being in the army. You set the scene very well for the discovery that your dad has been turned to stone by telling us about Tom and his superpower. That must have been a very scary moment!

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